Have you heard the Word of Mouth lately?

January 23, 2012
Glasses free 3D @ Forbes park Pavilion

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In this present era, our every move is now based on recommendations. Whenever we want something, a movie or an item, we tend to consult blogs and reviews to know if it is good or not.

Most of new small businesses today are known through”word of mouth,” and now as a small business owner, you might be thinking how can you take that “word of mouth” online and convert it to new leads?

Before I answer that, here’s my question for you to ponder on:

What’s in your business that is worthy of being shared?

The answer is simple – Unremarkable Customer Experience…

You see, the best way to get people to share is by giving them the best customer experience that’s worth sharing with all the people they care about.

Create value for them and word of mouth would be damn easy!

Let me give you a scenario.

Glasses Free 3d @ Forbes Park Pavilion

3D Vizion Bloggers’ Night

Last Wednesday, a Bloggers’ Night Event was held at Forbes Park Pavilion in anticipation of the newest 3D animation experience 3D Vizion has to offer. We showed them something “new” that truly got the all bloggers’ attention – we let them experience glasses free 3D animation. Pretty cool right?

They tweeted about it… They shared it with their friends and even blogged about it… and the word of mouth spread like wildfire.

Glasses Free 3D

He wants to capture the 3D effect

I even remember this guy playing around the 3D screens, trying to get a hold of the coins popping out from it. He even asked us why he can’t capture the 3D effect on his cam. He told us that he want to share his experience to his readers. Aaaahh.. sweet.. anyway, got my point here?

Focus on giving your customer a great experience they will never forget. Give them something that’s truly worth sharing.

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19 responses to Have you heard the Word of Mouth lately?

  1. I totally agree with word of mouth being just as important as ever – and that 3D screening sounds awesome. No wonder you generated a lot of buzz. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Excellent post! I wish I could have been at that event!!!

  3. Word of mouth is as powerful as it was before…it can make or break a business…or person.

  4. so true! people consult blogs because most of us (that includes me) believes that a blog is a reliable source unlike commercial ads.

  5. That is truly one great event. Taking things by word of mouth is perhaps the cheapest, yet very effective way of conveying things. But of course, things will go handy all the more, using the present technologies and tools.

  6. but is it truly cheap? I wonder how much did 3D vizion spent on that particular event… I guess, it’s cheaper than advertising on TV

    • There are different meanings for the word cheap.. If you’re looking to just get your ads out there.. 3D ads is not cheap for you.

      But if you’re looking for way beyond that and you want people to notice you more and remember you. 3D ads are way better for you than 2D ads.

    • We(3D Vizion) own the TV screens so the event cost is just the same as other normal events. :)

  7. Viral Marketing, ftw. May it be online or offline, it really is one of the greatest (and most affordable) strategies to live up to and with.

  8. Word of Mouth is such a great marketing strategy, effective and inexpensive. :)

  9. Much has been said about the “word of mouth” so I just focused my comment in the scenario wherein there is a guy tried to capture the 3D scene. Well, not just to laugh but it’s kinda funny. It is because I don’t even know you can’t capture it, lol.

  10. It can take things to go viral. :)