Here are some of the testimonials from people I’ve worked with on their websites, social media and other online business related issues.

Sarah Santacroce“Valerie helps me maintaining my Social Media accounts and saves me when I get stuck with WordPress. She has in depth Social Media knowledge, knows some coding and is very reliable. She works fast and always gets back to me within a couple of hours. I’m very glad I found her and will keep working with her.”

Sarah Santacroce


Anna Persson“Valerie is very focused on the job and quickly understands what the task is all about. For me Valerie delivered high quality work in a short time. She is customer oriented, service minded and a very pleasant person to work with.”

Anna Persson


“Valerie Joy Deveza, she understands the clients needs with ease. Read her CV, quite a skill set she possesses that will fit in any type of project. Will be using her expertise many more times in the near future. Always a pleasure working with you Valerie.”

Timothy Brouwers


“Valerie helped me so much, answered all my questions without fail. Valerie is someone I would definitely work with again.”

Michelle Short


“Val has provided a friendly and reliable service, and been very accessible.”

Garry Wrigth