Who’s your target audience?

January 13, 2012

target audience

Knowing your target audience is one of the most essential aspects of your social media marketing strategy.

It’s something that you need to figure out at the very early stage of your social media marketing plan.

Without having a clear picture in mind of who your target audience is, you wouldn’t be able to know how to connect with them. How would you know what they actually need and what they are actually looking for if you don’t even know who they are?

You’d be surprised, but most small business owners either have no idea who their customers are, or they assume that ‘everyone’ are their target customers. What these people don’t know is that the word ‘everyone’, ‘everybody’ and ‘anybody’ have no place on their social media marketing plan.

Let’s face it, not all people would be interested to buy your product and services.

Not all people would be interested to listen to you.

The key to successful social media marketing is by doing it without spending too much time with people who’s never going to buy.

In order for you to persuade people to buy your product/services, you need to have a clear picture of who they are and what they look like. What I mean by that is you need to be specific. You need to know their:

  • age
  • gender
  • demographics
  • behavior
  • pains
  • and much more.

The point here is that you need to know who exactly your target audience is and never assume who you’re actually dealing with.

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Valerie Deveza

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Hi there! My name is Val. I'm a seasoned social media manager who is passionate about helping small business owners optimize their marketing efforts through detailed analysis.

4 responses to Who’s your target audience?

  1. interesting piece! but valerie can you please tell how to track the audience’s specifics as you enlisted above.. and how to effectively apply them for SMO success.

    saravanan ps

    • Create personas of your ideal client. Check on your current customers. Do you like your future customers to be like them? If yes, list down their characteristics.

      If not list down what exactly who you like to work with. Do you like to work with men? or women? Are they from Asia? or North America?

      The key here is to research and list down whatever you think your ideal client would be.

      Once you’re clear with it. You’ll have a better idea on how to connect with them and what products and services you can offer.

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