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McDonalds #McDStories #MeetthefarmersJust last week, a twitter campaign organized by the McDonald’s company backfired as it began to attract the wrong kind of attention.

Last Thursday, McDonald’s decided to embrace the power of Twitter by formally launching 2 Hashtags namely, #MeetTheFarmers and #McDstories to promote the guarantee of a fresh produce now being advocated by the said company.

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Are you asking yourself, why start on Google Plus? Well, I can hear you buddy and you are not alone. Like you, most “average users” are not willing to consider a new social tool. You are probably thinking, why would I want another social media account when I’m pretty much happy with my Facebook?

But let me ask you this, are you still on Friendster and MySpace? Do you still wake up in the morning to check who viewed you on Friendster? I bet not!

Just like what Chris Brogan said on IMS2011 , “Sorry humans of earth, technology evolves and we’ve got to go where the technology is! You’ve got to go where the people are.” Never fall in love with the social network. Instead, fall in love with the people and go with the one that lets you reach them — makes sense right?

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social media is like a garden

So, you might have heard about the power of social media marketing and its ability to increase your business.  But if you think that just signing up to websites like Facebook and Twitter pretty much covers what social media marketing is, you better think again.

It might sound so easy, but for those who lack the knowledge, it is nothing close to it at all.

One of the biggest challenges I find with small business owners is finding the time to properly keep up and develop relationship on their social media networks.

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