Social Media Marketing: What is it and Why we do it?

January 4, 2012

social media marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

If you take a moment and ask some small business owners what social media marketing is, many times they can’t explain it without mentioning Facebook and other social media websites.  I think it is pretty normal because as I have mentioned before in my earlier post, most of us think of social media as being on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Well, social media marketing does involve the use of technology like Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn, however, understanding the technology isn’t as important as understanding the people who use those technology, mainly your customers.

You see, success in social media marketing depends on your ability to connect with people and build relationships. And to do that, you need to listen, reach out and offer value to them.

Now, why do it?

You probably know by now that you need marketing to connect with more people. I know that it’s true that with all the noise out there, it’s really a challenge to get your message across to your audience but the key to successful social media marketing is by doing it without spending too much time with people who are never going to buy.

All you need is to have a great service and/or a product to offer in a great price. You must also have a great message to generate interest and new customers, and most of all, you also need to know some great tools to deliver your message across to your audience.

Sounds good? Keep reading!

“You’ve got to go where the people are.” – Chris Brogan

Tools aren’t important in your business until its important to the audience you’re trying reach. Again, this answers the question whether you should consider a new social media tool. Always remember that social media evolves pretty quickly and you should never ever fall in love with the social network, but instead fall in love with the people and go with the one that lets you reach them.

Social media marketing tools are only worth using when they help you connect with people and build relationship with the right people who are great prospects for your business.

Inbound Marketing Takeaway

Don’t focus on the tools, instead, focus on understanding the people who use those tools.

Okay! That goes for our inbound marketing tip. Hope you enjoyed my post. If you got something to share, please let me know in the comments below.

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