How to Tend Your Social Media Garden

January 25, 2012

social media is like a garden

So, you might have heard about the power of social media marketing and its ability to increase your business.  But if you think that just signing up to websites like Facebook and Twitter pretty much covers what social media marketing is, you better think again.

It might sound so easy, but for those who lack the knowledge, it is nothing close to it at all.

One of the biggest challenges I find with small business owners is finding the time to properly keep up and develop relationship on their social media networks.

Most of them seem to struggle on how they will be able to rank the amount of time needed to produce real results with social media.

Surely, this is the reason why I insist that you start with a plan, and this is also one of the reasons why I urge you to identify your availability and social media goals.

Before you even start embracing social media, you need to be aware that social media is like a garden – it needs maintenance.

Stop thinking that if you just get your website out there, create some nice looking fan pages on different social media sites and have followers, results will happen overnight. (No it won’t!)

You need to realize that when you get yourself out there, you need to be consistent. You need to prove yourself. You need to give value.

Sad to say, but most of them tend to forget that the whole point of social media marketing is to build relationships, create trust, and eventually get more leads and sales for their business.

People responds to people and not just with a robot who updates your profile without even bothering to listen to your audience. To get the commitment that you want from your target market, just like any other garden, you need to plant ideas, tend to your clients’ needs and eventually reap what you sow.

So what is your social media marketing plan? Are you ready for this commitment? We would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to share your tips and insights below!

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Valerie Deveza

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Hi there! My name is Val. I'm a seasoned social media manager who is passionate about helping small business owners optimize their marketing efforts through detailed analysis.

4 responses to How to Tend Your Social Media Garden

  1. Really good advice here. Thanks for the post, I am going to revise my plan at the end of this 31 day challenge.

  2. Thanks for the post Valerie, I don’t have a plan, well I do but it’s in my head. I have set aside some time this week to look at my marketing strategy but like Charlie after the blog challenge I will put a proper plan in place.