Is It Easy For A Reader To Reach You?

December 3, 2011

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I love blog-hopping and it’s really been a habit of mine to check other business blogs whenever I find them interesting.

Some blogs are great to read, but would they “listen” well? says Chris Brogan.

Surely, I see a lot of valuable contents from them but then it kinda makes me sad when I see blogs that doesn’t have a contact page.

Last week, I accidentally hopped to this blog that really have juicy contents. They have this really great insights about social media in the Philippines.

In short, they really got me thinkin’ about subscribing.

So I look for their opt-in form to subscribe, entered my name and email. But then to my surprise, their mailing list is not active.

So being a good gal that I am, I went to their contact page to let them know about it. To my surprise, they didn’t have a contact form – instead, they’ve just posted their email address.  I then went an extra mile to send them an email.

But guess what happened next?

I received a failure notice saying:

“Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently”

Sigh! You see, when building a business blog, you shouldn’t just focus on writing valuable content.  You also need to listen to your audience and consider your reader’s experienceNot giving them a way to reach you is like saying you’re not interested on what they’re about to say.

So, please.. please.. please.. make it easy for a reader to reach you!

Inbound Marketing Takeaway:

Check your blog regularly. Test if all your options and pages work whenever possible and then add a contact page and make sure to have a contact form installed.

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