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mad? Nah!

You can’t control what your customers might say about your business – that’s a fact!

And it’s one of the reasons why a lot businesses are holding back from social media.

They’re quite hesitant on getting their business out there because they are afraid of getting negative feedback.

What these people don’t know is that in every negative feedback they get – there’s an opportunity for them to increase their engagement with their customer.

You see, in every single rant, there are potentially hundreds of people “quietly” complaining about the same thing with their friends. And if you are there to respond to them and give them solution on their problem, you’ve just made them feel you’re listening and that you care.

Not only that, you’ve also given those “quiet people” a hint that you’re a human that they can talk to.

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Business Blog - Chris Brogan

Image Credit : Collete Cassinelli

One of the things that I always check when I visit a website is whether they have a blog or not.

You see, Google loves blogs and these might impact your business indifferent ways.


Well, there are two things that can happen to your company if you’re not blogging at all.

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Facebook Timeline for Profiles and Pages

Just weeks ago, Facebook had been so eager to convince their users to manually change their profile pages to timeline.

And as some people are still trying to absorb the news, Facebook decides for a mandatory change of settings in weeks to come.

Yes, all of our profiles will be changed to timeline whether we like it or not. The reason behind this according to Facebook is to make our profiles more appealing while viewed in a chronological order.

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