Are you asking yourself, why start on Google Plus?

January 27, 2012

Are you asking yourself, why start on Google Plus? Well, I can hear you buddy and you are not alone. Like you, most “average users” are not willing to consider a new social tool. You are probably thinking, why would I want another social media account when I’m pretty much happy with my Facebook?

But let me ask you this, are you still on Friendster and MySpace? Do you still wake up in the morning to check who viewed you on Friendster? I bet not!

Just like what Chris Brogan said on IMS2011 , “Sorry humans of earth, technology evolves and we’ve got to go where the technology is! You’ve got to go where the people are.” Never fall in love with the social network. Instead, fall in love with the people and go with the one that lets you reach them — makes sense right?

Google Plus, why another social network?

Clean and sleek design

Google plus is sort a like Facebook but a lot cleaner. According to Chris Brogan that’s because it doesn’t have blue in it. LOL! Kidding aside, it’s really a lot cleaner. If you look at the top right of my profile (see image below) there are five sleek icons.

google plus profile

One is a little house, one is a set of pictures, the third one is a round icon with a person in it, the forth one is a bunch of circles and the fifth one is my favorite. This is one of the reasons why I think Google plus is cooler than Facebook. Games have their own little section so you never have to see what your friends are playing (as if I care about it!) on your mainstreams.

Opportunity for better about page

Google Plus gives you the opportunity to make a better “About” page. If you haven’t customized your Google Plus profile yet, please do! Specially your employment section, as this is something that everyone will see when they hover on your name.

Innovative ways to organize and group your contacts

Another reason for you to start with Google plus is its innovative way to organize and group your contacts. Although I know you can also do it on Twitter and  Facebook, its a lot easier here.

Better search results

Lastly, the biggest reason you should jump to Google plus, even if I did mention everything as I’ve stated above is the fact that search is Google’s number one business and that Google is the number one search engine in the world. Everything that you share on Google plus are indexed by Google. Twitter is no longer indexed by Google and Facebook was never indexed by Google.  Just take a look at my screenshot below. My Google Plus Profile beat my Facebook profile! Sweet right? Mind you, Google plus hasn’t released their own URL shortener yet. What more if they do that! Kapow!

google plus for seo

Overall, I love the simplicity and privacy Google offers its users. If your still not convinced on starting up with Google Plus then maybe I’ll see you on Friendster. :P

[HT: Chrisbrogan @ IMS2011]

Valerie Deveza

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One response to Are you asking yourself, why start on Google Plus?

  1. I would agree with you 100% Valerie! I especially love your “fall in love with the people, and go with the one that lets you reach them…” quote. Brilliant!

    You may also find a few posts I did over at GPlusTuts helpful. I always encourage people to fill out their profile to the fullest… it’s kind of a pet peeve of mine lol!