Facebook Timeline for Profiles and Pages

February 6, 2012
Facebook Timeline for Profiles and Pages

Just weeks ago, Facebook had been so eager to convince their users to manually change their profile pages to timeline.

And as some people are still trying to absorb the news, Facebook decides for a mandatory change of settings in weeks to come.

Yes, all of our profiles will be changed to timeline whether we like it or not. The reason behind this according to Facebook is to make our profiles more appealing while viewed in a chronological order.

And the news about Facebook doesn’t end there. In a recently concluded marketer’s meeting, it is said that the same changes will apply to Facebook pages as well which will be formally launched hopefully by February 29. [HT: BusinessInsider]

If that happens, there would be plenty of things for marketers and social media managers to get up to speed.

So what do you think, is this a good news or a bad news? What do you think about timeline? Don’t forget to post your comments below!

Valerie Deveza

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7 responses to Facebook Timeline for Profiles and Pages

  1. Hi Valerie Deveza, Maganda po ikaw ay este yung Facebook time line hehehe… kaso hindi ko ginanun yung facebook ko kasi ala lang… mas gusto ko yung simple lang hehehe… dropping here po! if you have time you can also visit my blog Balitang News

  2. Val, new update from FB. Maybe you already know about this, you can now update your FB fan page to a timeline, too.

    • Yeah.. it turns out Feb 29 didn’t went through and they re-sched it to March 30 ahaha.. working on my cover pa :) I’ll update it before march 30 that’s for sure.. :)