Social media is a lot like a cocktail party

January 2, 2012

social media is like a cocktail party

A lot of people, specially younger folks, have kinda grown up with social media. If you were to ask a College student today, I can say that at least that student has a few hundreds of friends on Facebook. I’ve even seen some that I know who have thousands of friends on their Facebook account.

We’ve kinda grown up with it so it’s kinda natural to us and it’s kinda part of our life.  But if you’re to ask somebody who’s a bit older, you’ll probably gonna heard them say “Hmm.. I don’t really understand this social media stuff”.

Social media is a lot like a cocktail party.

I’ve heard this from Mike Volpe from one of his social media webinars at Hubspot.  I really find it interesting, so I thought you might find it of interest as well:

According to Mike, social media is a lot like a business cocktail reception except for two little things: there are no constraints of time – so people don’t necessarily need to be discussing something at the same time,and there are no constraints on space — so people don’t need to be on the same place.

What it really means is that approaching people in social media is just like in a cocktail party, where you need to mix and mingle.

Well, I’m not saying that you just jump in on the community and say “Hi! I joined this website today and I would like to tell you how fabulous our company is yada yada – so I’ll offer you a 10% off on everything!” – LOL! That’s not a good idea!

But what you really want to do is add value to the community and help other people as much as possible.

Inbound Marketing Takeaway:

Everything that doesn’t work on cocktail parties, doesn’t work on any other social media venue either. It’s really not that different. It’s just that technology just lets you overcome this limitations of time and space.

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