Does your business have a blog?

February 8, 2012
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One of the things that I always check when I visit a website is whether they have a blog or not.

You see, Google loves blogs and these might impact your business indifferent ways.


Well, there are two things that can happen to your company if you’re not blogging at all.

Your potential clients might not recognize you at all.

It’s pretty common for us to do an online research first before we buy a certain product or service right? So if your company doesn’t have an active blog, your website will most likely not work well on Google search results.

Your search engine results might get dominated by other people talking

Although it’s nice that other people are talking about you online, keep in mind that if you’re not blogging at all, you’ve just opted yourself out from the conversation and you are not going to have a say on the results that they see online.

What if they’re saying negative stuff about you? – Yikes!

Why blog?

There are lots of reasons why you should blog . In fact, we have different goals when it comes to using it. Below are some of most common reasons why you should blog for your business:

  • A blog is a great tool to help you promote your products and services online without being to pushy!
  • A blog can help you become more appealing to a lot more people. It helps you promote interaction and involvement which is more likely what you need to catch your audience’s attention.
  • It helps you establish expertise in a wider subject matter and promote your business in a different way where you can still provide content that is valuable.
  • Lastly, always keep in mind that if you’re blogging and you have an active blog that’s doing well on Google that means you’re blog is also going to do well on better search engine results. C’mon! Who wouldn’t want their website to get on top of Google search results?


Now, does your business have a blog? – I hope so.


Valerie Deveza

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Hi there! My name is Val. I'm a seasoned social media manager who is passionate about helping small business owners optimize their marketing efforts through detailed analysis.

26 responses to Does your business have a blog?

  1. Yes, agree that blogging should be included in the list for business websites since… first is Google loves content and blogging is the only way to publish articles for your site. second… more rich and quality information can be write down for your company blogs so that users or clients or customers be informed. :)

    • True! It can also be a way to start engagement between you and your client. :)

      • Thanks for your contact. I have to negotiate a steep learning curve, so I was delighted to read your latest post. In fact I will read as much as I can, and do some benchmarking.
        As yet, I haven’,t started my Blog website, and in parralel, just developing my website, and at the same time developing my Fanpage on Facebook.

        I was wondering if you use WordPress, or Blogger. In the meantime Im assessing which webhosting entity, I want to work with. Im impressed with the number of people who are following you, I need a big effort to catch up on you


        • You asked if I use WordPress or eBlogger. I have used both. I like WordPress better although I have my own domain name rather than a WordPress subdomain.

  2. It is nice that you have reiterated the critical importance of building a blog as the primary platform for social networking, as it is a more personal venue where you could really connect with your customers and /or people in your industry multiplying your efforts ten-folds. :)

  3. Yeah, I always check if a business site I’m checking out has a blog or not. I feel I learn more about them reading their blog post than reading their about us page…

  4. For me, the main trait of a blog in representing any entity online is its sense of dynamism. Unlike the old system like having a website, blogs really stepped out of the way and redefined online visibility and recognition.

  5. Blog can also be a community for people to be friend together. I love to blog more than having a business.

  6. I agree! Blogging is a powerful way to capture search engines’ attention as well as be more interactive.. :)

  7. Business who have a blog shows the difference between website and a blog. You probably create a website for your business, but including a blog as part of your website is your advantage. A website doesn’t update by the owner regularly unlike blog, whereas you can attract potential readers that will results to potential clients. Good post.

  8. Blogging can be very effective when used strategically to enhance a business’ marketing and communications. The blog needs to address identified reader pain and describe scenarios where the company’s products or services address the pain.

    Sometimes a blog can be a call to action related to a cause the company supports. This could be environmental, social but not political(too fractious). For example a company that is in the water purification business could choose a cause like The Water Project and write about it, raise awareness and funding, and create a positive image with clients and prospects.

    I’m a writer and I use my blog to share with clients my vision of where we are today and where society will be going forward. I find the blog helps me to organize and aggregate information in a very useful way.

    So there are lots of reasons to blog. But if you do it don’t just do it once in awhile. Make regular contributions to your blog and make sure you turn on all of the social media switches so that your blog becomes a way to attract readers who then can become prospects and eventually clients.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Len.. Really appreciate it! Totally agree on doing it in a regular basis.. though I failed doing that this month – Boohoo!

      • Hi Valerie,

        I have a blogging plan in place. I sketch out topics to cover well ahead of time and create draft notes. Each time I complete a blog and post it I immediately go to the next blog in draft and start fleshing it out. My goal is to research and write 1,000 words on average per day. Even if I don’t post I’m faithful to the objective.

        My goal may be different from most bloggers. The content I create I am turning into a book.


        • Wow.. so nice.. I actually spend 30 minutes to an hour everyday writing headlines and then I write drafts every time I have something in mind.

          Writing 1000 words is really a nice exercise.

          Guess I’ll aim for 300-500 words everyday starting today.. :)

  9. Good article Valerie. My web presence definitely increased through search engine re-direct from my blogs on retail operations. However, I don’t write as often…. which I must. Thanks for the reminder :)

  10. I totally agree with what you are saying about this. But do you think that any business can incorporate a blog into their site?

    I work for a company in a very specialized niche and I know the companies web site would benefit from a blog but find it extremely difficult to think of what we could share on the blog. Our audience is very small and what we do as a business is not really dynamic so things don’t change much with the business. Things are done the same way they have been for the past 50 years.

    Basically what I am asking is do you think ANY business can benefit from a blog?

    • Hi Barry,

      Sometimes the blog is not about your business. It could be about a cause that your business supports showing that you are good corporate citizens.

      If the business isn’t sexy but plays an important role in a sub-market space then the cause you choose to blog about becomes a differentiator in your marketing strategy.

      So don’t be discouraged about being in a niche. Break out of it by associating with something that distinguishes your company as a corporate social responsibility leader. It will pay off.

      • Thanks Len, That has given me something to get my teeth into.

        • Hi Barry,

          Just another quick thought about blogging. Tie your activity around cause into a social media platform like Facebook as well. You can set up a Facebook site and link the blog and site together so that postings automatically appear on your Facebook page. You can also do this with Twitter feeds to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social media sites where you have presence. The more places you appear on the web the higher your brand Google Search ranking results will become.

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